'BLUE' Session (Bridgette Bardot as Inspiration)

With a little inspiration from classic beauty Bridgette Bardot and the haunting vibe of film noir…we began working on our next project and practicing up some on new lighting techniques and playing with new lens…  Think boudoir (but less ‘in your face.’)  Think classic, rich black and white images…  Think grain and texture.
Our goal with this series of images to capture  the ‘ordinary amazingness’ of women of the non-professional model variety and make them feel gorgeous, sexy and truly comfortable in their skin.  We will be officially launching our take on boudoir photography in February and plan to incorporate some of this style into our work and make it our own.
My fabulous friend Courtney volunteered to be our subject for this first session in the series and brought it on home with her ‘inner Bridgette.’  🙂


  1. Lana says:

    These are great Cass. She’a beautiful girl. Sexy but very tastful.

  2. […] just. how. gorgeous. they really are.  (We started our Noir session last year  (a few examples here, here and here) and quietly went about creating the first in series of Vogue magazine […]

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