Its my BDAY! (Its my ‘party’ I’ll collect coats if I want to: A 40 Random Acts of Kindness Update…)

Happy Birthday day to me. …thus far spent:

  • sleeping in late (after staying up way too late thinking of all of the awesome re-branding we are working on at BlueSky…:-)
  • having copious amount of coffee
  • reading all of the facebok bday wishes posted from friends from all ‘stages’ of my life
  • receiving an awesome bday watch from BB
  • having lunch with one of my favorite girls, Sandra Lynn Mares…

All and all, its been an awesome day and I am very much looking forward to spending the evening celebrating quietly with a few awesome friends who decided to gather with me for dinner.
A quick update on the ’40 Acts of Kindness’:  I have been trekking along with my fun little bday gift to myself involving Random Acts of Kindness (Mentioned here and updated here..)   I will do a full post once all 40 have been completed.  However, I did want to mention one that is really special to me.
Last week several of our client/friends joined in an collected/donated warm, winter coats to be sent to 2 efforts to assist those in need:  Crisis Assistance Ministries here in CLT as well as sending children’s coats to a group in Philadelphia, PA.  (thank you Sarah Bardo for making us aware of those in need!)  Thank you all for yoru help and making my bday special.
Special thanks to both Patty Green and  Martina Patrick who collected amongst their groups of friends and brought bags full to donate! (iphone alert..)   Thank you…thank you…thank you!

Martina (you may remember her from our Mother’s Day image Contest:-)  also gave me a very special gift…a beautiful small box she suggested I fill with small slips of paper with the 40 acts (and perhaps the acts others have listed on the blog as well..)  printed on them.  Wow.  super thoughtful.

Isn’t it pretty??  (it is so going on the shelf in the studio;-)

Thank you all again for helping make my bday awesome by performing your own Random Acts of Kindness!  (And I LOVE the ones you all have posted..keep em’ coming!)
Now its off to spoil myself just a little…mani/pedi anyone??



  1. heather corporan says:

    Totally random comment by a stranger led to your blog by the sweet Julie Story. Do you know the history of your gorgeous little box? ?…promise you will love it even more if you do. I own a similar bracelet purchased at a womens retreat last spring. Such beautiful things made for a lifechanging cause. I coveted the box, but left with a gorg bracelet ill always cherish. Love your blog already ; )

  2. Sue McIlrath says:

    I would like to vote for Couple #1. Thank you for doing this for either winning couple.

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