Its been a crazy month. (in the good kind of way..)  Knowing we were stepping into ‘Wedding Season Part 2’ I took a few days to head to Ohio and catch up with the crazies (aka…my family)  –Knowing that this wil be the last of ‘free time’ until somewhere around mid-January.  (Trust me…I am NOT complaining!  We are beyond  thrilled as to the ‘steam’ we have picked up in a few short months since officially opening our new studio doors!  But the one thing photography has taught me is how quickly things do in fact change and making a conscious effort to head home more than twice a year is on my ‘to do’ list. )
And though all of the ‘crazies’ make the list of ‘to visit’…there is one in particular I just can’t help but want to make certain I see…my God Daughter/Niecey…”crazy pants”
This little manica (and I mean MANIAC with a capital everything…) makes me laugh like none other.  She is the ‘Wal-mart’ of children…wide open/24-7/365.  The child posses no off switch.  (and I have been around A LOT of children and have yet to meet many quite like this !) But with giant blue eyes…a tiny petite little frame and a predisposition  for ‘booty shakin’ music…its hard not to adore her.
…Meet my niece,  Avery: (her personality is way too big for color images. Ha)

She turns eating ice cream into a ‘spectator sport’…’ (see carpet for details.. My handsome nephew sneaks in a shots few as well.) 

She is 2 going on 17…heel-y boots and telephone calls…oh my.  Seriously?


  1. Lana says:

    What can I say about our dear Avery? She can be bossy, likes to have her way, can sometimes throw tantrums and is just a bit of a miniature diva at times. But, she also can look lovingly at you with those big beautiful eyes as she gives you lots of hugs and kisses and tells you “I wuv you” as you feel your heart slowly melt.

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