Mamarazzi Workshop Recap! (How to Take Rockin' Images of Your Kiddos)

Still in PJ’s with hair a disheveled mess ‘recovering’ from a whirlwind week of moving into our new studio space and preparing for our first Mamarazzi Workshop.  Its been a good week.  I mean, a really good week. (and oh man, its only Wednesday!! 😉 )
Our little studio is taking shape and the workshop went off with only a few (seemingly-minor?) glitches. But all and all I am so completely thrilled we are offering these workshops.
About the ‘Mamas’–this group was great.  Such a unique mix.  Some great friends who have know me for years.  Clients, who have become friends.  And folks whom I have never met that found us via the fancy ‘interwebs’ know as facebook all gathered in the gallery, vino in hand,  chatting it up about kiddos, vacations and just a general ‘get-to-know-you chit-chat.
To be candid, I had no idea what to expect. How serious folks would take the workshop (or how serious I should take it…) Or, how I would feel about ‘presenting’ to my great friends and clients and ‘general public’ all in one setting.  Did I need to be all ‘professional-like’  as I am one of the ‘faces’ of our business?  Do I need to be ‘fun’ so my friends who know me as, shall I say,  a little sarcastic and not much of a ‘take-herself-too-seriously’ kinda girl would not have the urge to bust a gut trying to hold back laughter at my ‘pro-fesh’ demeanor?  It all felt a little ‘uncomfortable’ at first.  But then, we sipped a little wine,  (Well, except for Amanda-“who is not a prude”…but only drinks liquor:-) and headed into the gallery and it all just sort of ‘clicked.’  People seemed to actually ‘get’ the technical aspects, laughed a bit and asked tons of really great questions and seemed genuinely interested in doing a better job when it comes to documenting their family’s life.
Were there details I missed. Um, sure.  (For example, I had a clipboard, pen and paper I never handed out…ooops!   The internet connection in the new space was not working so a few sites I had intended on visting could not be reached.. (grr…) And, with everyone having a different camera and most being Nikon, we spent a bit of time locating each individual cameras menus.  (Sidebar-man, where did Nikon come up with some of their button placement!!  I am a Canon ‘shooter’ chasing down some ‘push-2-butons-to-make-it-work’ options made me a little crazy (er) 🙂 For the next workshop we may need Stephen on hand to help more rapidly work through 10 cameras.. )
But all and all..I would consider it a success (and the feedback from attendees this AM makes me think its not just me and my wishful thinking…)   and I am super excited to be offering the next one in August!
So thank you ladies for being our ‘Guinea pigs’ for our first course and being the first ones to see our little studio as well as Plaza Muse as a whole.  (Update: The Muse is looking to have a soft opening in the next few weeks! More details soon..)
For those that may be interested in our next workshop (just 3 spots remain) feel free to check out the Charlotte Mamarazzi website here.
Happy, happy Wednesday ya’ll…off to contemplate putting on some ‘publicly acceptable’ attire before the Carolinas Bridal Showcase networking event tonight.
PS–Check out a few snaps our designer-extraordinare, Angie Courtney, provided from the night!  (Thanks again Ang…) And, apparently..I really like to talk with my hands..who knew?


  1. Lana says:

    Looks like things went well Cass. (very happy for you and proud of you))and oh by the way, I’m always finding myself talking with my hands, always have. (you had to get something from me lol)

  2. Erika says:

    Im glad I was able to be a part of this experience.. I have been talking to my girlfriends here in the area and I’m still “recruiting” people to take your workshop.. Such great tips! Thanks again!

    • Bluesky says:

      Thanks so much Erika! We were so glad you attended and you have been our ‘star student’ ever since! Great job on really taking away the information and using it to photograph your beautiful girls!

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