Jill & Anthony: Engaged! (A Concord Memorial Garden’s Engagement Session Concord, NC)

This is it.  The B-I-G week for the lovely Jill and her adoring fiance’, Anthony.  (yay!)

When deciding on a ‘garden’ concept for their engagement session earlier this spring Jill and I had spent some time discussing things they love to do together, how they are as a couple and I could not think of a better ‘fit’ than this sunny and warm session. It so suits their personalities…as ‘sunny and warm’ about sums them up perfectly.

Jill & Anthony…we could not to be more excited for your St. Matthew Catholic Church/Vanlangdingham  Estates wedding this Saturday!



  1. Lana says:

    These are great and the setting is beautiful. (lovely couple also)

  2. mom gassel says:

    oh my gosh……………these two are the perfect picture of loves cupid……….so wonderful to watch their love continue to grow……….love you two!!!

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