Sarah & Michael: Engaged! A Thomas Street Tale… (Charlotte, NC Engagement Session)

We always say ‘we attract a certain type of couple’ to our studio and this could not be more evident than with Sarah & Michael.  Laid back, low-key and in search of honest images to document their relationship.   As with every couple, we wanted their engagement session to ‘mean something’ to them.  To not just be beautiful–but to tell their story.  And here it is…
Sarah & Michael met the ‘new-fashioned’ way–with a little help from technology.  They had an absolutely fitting, low-key and casual first date at Thomas Street Tavern (right near our ‘hood’ I might add:-)  After lots of conversation(and a few Irish Car bombs…) they knew almost immediately they had found something special.  (Sarah says she knew day-one she was going to marry Michael…) And so this is where we started our session…car bombs and all.  We then headed to their home and took full advantage of the charming little balcony where Michael tends to a collection of greenery .  They enjoyed wine, a comfy leather chain, cuddling up in a few cozy spots and a walk down their own street.  Laid-back, casual and low-key…just like them.
Sarah & Michael–we are so excited to share in your day at the Duke Mansion on Saturday.  (And I suspect the evenings events may just be  followed by a little trip to some quaint pub..and perhaps a few Irish Car Bombs;-)



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