Mother Day 2011 Contest: And the Winner is…

All I can say is WOW.  You all really got into this! We had hundreds and hundreds of folks take the time to ‘vote’ for the their favorite ‘Mom’ image.  Its been an especially  heated battle between two of the sweetest Mom’s I have met since day 1. (who knew a little contest would bring out such a competitive streak!  Heck-one of them is the most ‘zen’ little yogi…ha.)
As mentioned-since we had such great particpation and Bluesky now has over 500 ‘likes’ in a short period of time…each contestant will be sent a little something. (It may be a few weeks and we are in the heat of wedding season:-)
Thank you all so much for taking time the to pass along the contest, rally your friends and family and fight it out until the end. (there was ‘smack talk’ going on late into last PM.  wink.)
Without further adieu…. First place goes to:
Gisella Crider AND Martina Patrick
It really was pretty amazing (and HILARIOUS) to see you two battle it out. You ladies were FIRED UP!  Frankly–since the ‘rules’ were fast and loose and the contest took on a life of its own…you both win in my book.   (Plus–you both have always been some of my biggest ‘cheerleaders’ along the way:-)  There was just no way with a contest SO CLOSE I could possibly make a decision to not have you both take the top honors.  Big Congratulations and $250 gift certificates for a BlueSky Classic Collection coming your way!
Joelle Broughton–you also took in a healthy bunch of votes and I am honored to crown you our 3rd place  winner. (or is it second? :-)) –A $100 Gift certificate coming your way!
Thank you to all of you who participated by passing along the link, taking time to vote or even just browsing through the ‘mom’ album. (its been a year of beautiful mom;s and it was great to recap the images and share them with you.) Thanks to all for making this more fun than I could have imagined.  I know I always say ‘my clients rock’…and you all just helped me demonstrate that yet again.
Ladies and Gentlemen…your chosen winning Mother’s Day 2011 Images:

Giselle Crider and her sweet daughter, Anna

Martina Patrick and her son, Noah.

Joelle Broughton and her gorgeous daughter, Jess




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