B. Inspired: A Photographers Thoughts on a Unique Wedding Exit

One of the wedding ‘trends’ we find so fabulous these days is brides and grooms are truly making the day their own.  -Want to wear a pink wedding dress? Perfect. (i.e, Reese Witherspoon)  Hotel ballroom or your parent back yard?  Both Perfect.  Mismatched bridesmaids dresses?  Perfect.  Walk yourself down the isle?  Perfect.
The days of cookie-cutter weddings are over.  (And, to this we say– thank goodness!  !!) One of the most magical parts of what we get to do as wedding photographers is capture what make your wedding, well, yours.  And though no two couples experience a wedding in the same manner–unique details, creating your own traditions and ‘busting up the norm’ make us down right giddy!
Since we are starting our ‘B. Inspired‘ series today (which will include both ideas for fab photgraphs along with general helpful tips and tricks) we thought we would start by discussing wedding exits with a twist. Sure, flower petals, birdseed, bubbles and sparklers do all make for a pretty picture.  But why not opt for something a bit more unique?
Though not earth-shatteringly unique–it is definitely seen less frequently.  And, Confetti is lovely in images.  It falls slowly, can be biodegradable, color corrdinated to your wedding or add a pop of color. It can be die cut into shapes,  or sparkle like diamonds….or even made from photos of the bride/groom
(Photo Credit-the lovely Tamara Lackey, whom you may remember from my Napa trip last year.)
Same goes for Glo-sticks:
Planning an NYE wedding or just have a fun bunch of dancing machines?  How about handing out glo-sticks for your last dance and dancing your way out the door with guesst waving them?  (Helpful photgraphic tip: buy the longer,  bendy’ kind–the motion of ‘waving’ them will create can add some interesting pops of color to your images.

Photo Credit:  Joe Appel Photography
Arbor of flowing white fabric:
Oooooh–ahhhh.  With a light breeze.  A-mazing.

Now for some ideas we have never actually seen used for an exit and have been filing away in the ‘Photographic  Roladex’ and implore some of our clients to consider.  😉  (yes–this is me begging.  wink.)
Wish Lanterns:
Um. wow is all I can say.   Your guests ‘make a wish’ for the bride and groom and release these beauties into the air!  Wish Lanterns are also biodegradable and non-flammable.

Candles, laterns or luminaries galore!
Ask any photographer what warm, candle light does for an image and watch them smile!  I once read somewhere about a group of bridesmaids who actually suprised the bride and groom and lit the steps/walkway of the venue and the unsuspecting B&G were escorted out of their reception to hundreads of glowing lumiaries and each guest held a candle. L-o-v-e-ly.

Images from marthastewart.com
Custom-made, hand-tossed Streamers-
These beauties also  include an attachement that makes them easy to toss and unfurl properly. This would be gorgeous …long, flowing, thin bands of brightly colored streamers.
100 Hand Rolled Wedding Ceremony / Reception Exit Sendoff Streamers - WITH FINGER LOOP
Signs or Banners:
I love the idea of customizing these.  Perhaps fun facts about the couple or their new monogram on flags?
Sayin' It With A Flag : wedding ceremony diy pittsburgh Img 001 IMG_001
Image from theweddingbee.com

Or, perhaps a  ‘Just Married’, ‘Mr. & Mrs’ on banners?? I adore the idea of having the bride and groom walk through as each banner honoring them and having a guest on 1 end  drop their side to allow them to pass. (If you recall, my friend  over at Sweetpeas & Seashells... does lovely custom signs!)
(Images via Pinterest–unfortunately, there was no photo credit. Boo.)

Final note– we sometimes get asked by client ‘do we need’ to do an exit?’  Need?  Well, no. But does it add a beautiful way to end your day and allow your guests feel-good way to end the festivities?  Yep.  (and, oh by the way…it certainly does not hurt to end your wedding album with a departure image that is all ‘you.’)
Bluesky Client Challenge: Who can create the most amazing wedding departure for 2011 by utilizing one of these ideas or creating something all your own????  (fabulous gift for the ‘winner’)
All others–Have an idea to pass along for a future ‘B. Inspired?’  –Post your ideas below!! (I bet we can find a few prizes for the most creative for you too:-)


  1. lindsey says:

    challenge accepted….

  2. Bluesky says:

    Yay Linds! Can’t wait to see what you come up with.
    PS–got your save-the-dates in. Wow. They look amazing!

  3. Michelle says:

    Thanks Cass 😉 How are you?! Miss our chit chats- you continue to do amazing work, as always!

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