FAQ- What is a 'Life. UnEdited.' Session??

Ever wish you could stop time for just a few minutes in your life?  Perhaps its something as simple as watching your little one brush her teeth, an afternoon coffee with your sister or a night in front of the fire with your hubby. –Things we have perhaps seen a million times over and though  not as ‘monumental’ as lets say, a wedding day.  Somehow–so very important.  For those of us that believe it is the little moments in life that added up…well..aren’t so little…we present ‘Life. UnEdited’ Sessions.
To give you the low-down on what ‘Life. UnEdited’ looks like I will simply introduce you to the Bondeson Girls.  Two sweet adult sisters and a gorgeous momma.  The Bondeson’s met me on a crisp November AM right before Thanksgiving with the simple notion of connecting with each other and capturing it with images.  Sure–we snapped some more ‘traditional’ family images. But the idea was to have them spend and enjoy the AM exactly as they would have –with or without paparazzi:-)
So it was magazines and coffee, walking around Uptown and stroll through a local park. We documented lots and lots of laughs.  We captured a special moment in that mom had presented the girls with a gift of re-fashioned jewelry (made from a pair of their grandmother’s earrings)  … There were even a few moments with George Clooney:-)  (see below)
With a ‘Life. UnEdited’ session we have less time constraints as you will be the only session scheduled for that day.  We allow moments to unfold and plenty of time for you and yours to settle in and just be yourselves. From there–the images are compiled/processed and laid out in an very editorial fashion in a custom designed, library bound coffee table album meant to be displayed as a small time capsule of you and your family.
Who should consider a ‘Life. UnEdited’ session?    Any one wishing to for a means of capturing a this time in their lives in a more uniques fashion.  Perhaps a bit more authentic as a means of, dare I say it?  Stopping time.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present The Bondenson Family ‘Life. UnEdited’ Session Final Results:


  1. Lana says:

    Love the album Cass. Every family should make one.

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