B. Published!: Sugar Row

So many amazing things have been happening around Bluesky these past few months its pretty humbling to see how far we have come in a few short years.  For example, I awoke this morning and began to check out the typical items I do on any given morning (social media sites, blogs and emails..you get the picture) and lo-and-behold, one of our fall family session had been published on one of my fave bogs, The SugarRow!
If you are not familiar with The Sugar Row–you should be!  Published by the same lovely woman behind The Wedding Row (a very popular and comprehensive wedding blog) The Sugar Row was designed to feature all things child-like, with the intent of ‘freezing time’ a bit and does so via the beautiful photography of such well-respected photogs as Jose Villa, Jonathan Canlas, Richard Isreal and Elizabeth Messina..you can not imagine how amazing it is for me to see little Bluesky hanging around with such distinguised company.
And to my awesome Hanson family–thank you so much for just being ‘you’ that fall day and allowing us to capture your beautiful family and ‘freeze a little time’ for you.
You can check out the full post here!


  1. Deb Hanson says:

    Congratulations Cass for your accomplishment! Truly wonderful for someone so renowned to acknowledge your talents!

  2. sharalee says:

    that is so great! and the pictures are lovely. question: did you submit it to them or did they find you on their own?

  3. Brian says:

    Much due props for all your hard work and dedication to capturing lifes little moments!

  4. Huge congratulations! That is super cool!

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