FAQ-What in the heck is a 'gallery wrap' and why would I want one?

Morning!  I have received multiple questions on this one in recent weeks as we are full-swing in the holiday season and folks look for both awesome holiday gifts and ways to make their home look fabulous.  In both scenarios–I often times recommend gallery wraps as a newly-evolved, timeless way to display your favorite images vs. traditional printing/matting/framing.   Aside from fact they are gorgeous–they also eliminate the need for any additional means of display–ie., they are ready to hit the walls!
By definition, with a  Gallery Wrap, the printing process takes place on canvas– similar to the type utilized for other mediums (Think paintings/art galleries..) The print extends around the sides of the canvas, which is then precision-folded and attached to the back of the stretcher frame and is designed to be displayed as a stand-alone work of art. (saving $/time on frames/mats etc.) Our lab also sprays them with a UV coating for durability and includes pre-attached hanging hardware  to become heirloom art pieces.  (though some clients do love the look of framing the edge of a gallery wrap with a traditional frame..)
The best way to clarify any questions may be to just show you a sample collection  (note: these are not Bluesky images.  Lab marketing brochure images…but you’ll get the drift..)

Additional questions on this topic have included the following:
How do I choose which images to utilize for a canvas collection for my home?
Typically– I tell clients to narrow it down to their ‘must haves’ and perhaps some additional ‘likes’.  From there…we ask for a a full measurement of the area you want  to fill with your new art.  (above the mantel/nursery/hallway etc.)  Most clients ask that we use our creative license to then design a display to fit the space.  –We may then change the crop on the original ‘proof”, convert to B&W etc. to stay consistant in all images and often try to create a series of images that tell a story. The final design is then sent to the client for approval..then off to the lab for printing/stretching.
What is a canvas ‘cluster?’
A cluster is a pre-determined collection of canvas sizes designed for maximum impact in a space that has also been discounted through the lab/photgrapher to allow for a series of images to be displayed, often times telling a story. (see image above…)
The canvas sizes seem really large–do I need something that big?
This is where measuring the area you wish to fill comes in.  Clients are often amazed how teeny, tiny an 8X10 looks on wall!  (I mean, super tiny!  See this link for an example of what an 11X14 looks like behind a sofa. )  I think we all have become accustomed to an 8X10 being the ‘largest’ option from the ‘Olan Mills photography’ days of old and imagining the need for a 30-X40 image on the wall seems unimaginable..until you realize you have a 7 foot space to fill! ha.  By providing the measurements of the actual space you wish to display your art–your photographer can assist you with the design. (we are currently in the process of acquiring a software program for 2nd quarter 2011 that can project the sizes onto your wall space once a collection is designed. How cool is that??)
What sizes are available for canvas/clusters?
Our awesome pro-only  lab  (this is not Costco baby!) offers 5000 custom sizes…so really..sky is the limit. (just ask–pricing available) But here is a list of the sizes/cluster we offer ‘off-the-shelf.’
Gallery Wrapped Professional Canvas
11X14- $125
18X24 $240
20X24 $260
20 X30 $340
30X40- $480
Canvas ‘Clusters’:

Cluster 1- 1(16X24 (2) 8X12’s and (1) 17X11+ $420
Cluster 2- (9) 10X10’s $600
Cluster 3- (2) 16X20’s (1) 32X20 and (3) 10X10’s $680
There ya have it folks!  Any additional questions please feel free to email cassandra@blueskycharlote.com
PS:  Our lab is offering a 10% discount on all canvas orders placed by Dec. 31st.  We are passing the discount on you  ! …


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