Seattle E-session: 'The Outtakes'

Slammed…! (But catching up.)   Editing. Ordering. Mailing and def working on the new branding. That said, though  I am dying to complete the blog posting for both CA and WA…its just not happening for a bit!    Until then..I will leave you with a few of my engagement session ‘outtakes’ from the Envision workshop  with the absolutely amazing Natalie Norton!
Meet Erin Jane and Conor!   They were simply adorable and so much fun to work with.  (Can you imagine being cute/sexy/comfortable in front of 15 aspiring photographers all vying for ‘the shot?’  –Yeah me neither…perhaps that is  why I stay behind the lens!)  But these 2 were fabulous!  The images were taken after a day spent with cameras in their face… paparazzi style!  As you can see…they played along accordingly..;-)


  1. Allison says:

    Oh what fun!! If these are the outtakes, I can’t wait to see the “real” shots!

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