California Dreamin' Round 2-Sterling Vineyards Tour

Yes–the West coast trip was all about seeking growth as a photographer.  To learn new ways of running our business, to enhance our client experience as well as delving into the technical and creative aspects that will allow us to deliver ‘knock’ em dead’/genuine images to each and every one of them.    That said, it was also about fun and fellowship!   So after 3 days of all of the above at the NAPCP retreat…my great friend JB (Downtown Janet Brown for you ‘locals’:-) met up with me to spend a day in Napa before heading up the coast to explore other gorgeous areas of CA. (more on that later…)  We had big plans!  3 winery stops…starting at Sterling Vineyards. (It is one of Brian and I’s fave wines, so natch..we went there first.  Sorry you missed out Bri. 🙂
What we did not anticipate is that our premium tasting tour would be so much fun and include so many ‘tastes’ …we would leave the place with  A.) All  of the other vineyards were now closed and B.) We were now proud member of Sterling Vineyards..complete with monthly shipments of vino!   (needless to say…it def makes sense why they present the membership AFTER the tour..easy targets! Ha.)
Sterling was every bit as gorgeous as I imagined and JB and I had a blast catching up and taking in a fantastic 80 degree/sunny day.  –What a perfect way to end such a fantastic time in Napa! Thanks JB for being  my ‘partner-in-crime.’  It was so great to catch up.  (And big thanks to Sterling for ‘overserving’ me enough that I had a case of vino waiting for me back home upon my return.   Now…if I only had any idea how much I am paying for all of these ‘privileges’…:-)

Yes–we were ‘VIP’s’ as that’s how we roll…  (okay…we paid $45 bucks…whatev)

where the ‘magic’ happens

Start of the winery tour…

Meet JB!

This is the face of a woman about to be roped into a ‘membership’ 🙂

Mission accomplished…


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