Allison+Alex= Engaged! (It all started with a little 'Chemistry'….)

So, you know we love all of out clients.  We meet so many great people and get to celebrate so many awesome moments.  But.  I must say…we have a bit of a ‘crush’ on these two and found them to be  just beyond darling!  Though they started out a little quiet and reserved when we first met–these two shared their story and allowed us to incorporate it into a few ‘out-of-the-box shots’ and were such troopers in stepping out of their comfort zones to allow us to do so.
Thank you Allison & Alex so very much for allowing us to spend some time with you on your ‘old stomping grounds’ of the beautiful Queens College to capture these shots and document this special time in your lives.  (including the Chemistry lab where they met!  Big thanks goes out to Alex for not vetoing this ideas though he was admittedly hesitant but seems he’d do anything for “Chem girl”:-)
Ladies  and Gentlemen…Meet Allison & Alex  (Don’t their names even look cute together..:-)



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