Bluesky Announces a 'Perfect Pairing!'

Big, big BlueSky news!!!  We are so completely and utterly excited to announce the fabulously wonderful and talented Nikole will be joining Weddings by Bluesky and pairing up with me to become what promises to be be quite a dynamic photographic team!  Perfect pairing are often discussed with things like wine and cheese..but I assure you I have found one in Nikki!  She is the ‘Southern sweet’ to my ‘Northern Sass’…  She is the ‘meticulous, deliberate’ to my more ‘fly-by-the seat’ style.  She was a conservative, introspective Fine Arts major.  I was the more ‘in-your-face’ type as a Journalism Major.  Nikki  was the first friend I met when I moved to Charlotte without knowing a soul over 10 years ago. (can you say fate?)  She has been my roommate at one point, a co-worker (in our former lives…) and always a friend. A ‘Soul Sister’ for certain!   She is also an awesome mother, a diligent wife and the good news for us…a rockin’ photog!

Why a partnership? Nikki and I both have  successful portrait photography businesses and share an absolute l-o-v-e for the wedding side of things.  We share a common vision of what we believe every bride and groom deserves from a wedding photographer:  a complete and beautiful ‘documentary’ of the day that can be cherished for years (and generations) to come.  Nikki’s Fine Arts background allows her to see light and beauty in a unique manner.  (she is also a painter!)  My journalism background allows me to interpret and capture those relevant and not-to-be missed moments.  We felt as though offering our unique (though cohesive) styles together would  be the very best way to provide this to our wedding clients. Plus…think of the fun we are going have!

Though you will hear much more on Nikki as our partnership grows….here is just a little ‘teaser’ of some images she captured during our recent bridal session as well as some ‘couples’ shots she was sweet enough to take of me and Bri:-)   There are also a few snapshots of Nikki I grabbed while she was working with our lovely bride-to-be last week.  Shh…don’t tell her. She is definitely more of a ‘behind- the camera- kind-of-girl.  ha.)  Enjoy!


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