4th Annual Tree Trek

Though we have gone to the mountains with good friends for the past 3 years…the 4th annual definitely brought us the most beautiful weekend to-date.  (It was the first year we have gotten snow on the day of choosing our trees!  Whoo–hooo!) 
We stayed in the condo section of Chetola Lodge and had yet another fantastic time with good friends; including a girls’ day at the spa (boys watched football) nice dinners and lots of laughs.   (Though a few of ‘the crew’ were greatly missed as they stayed behind this year to enjoy new babies, new adventures and the like..)  Thank you Driscoll’s, Carickhoff’s, ‘Fong’s’, Furcht’s and Jaimee & John for another great time.  Can’t wait until the 5th Annual… (sorry for the long post but the snow was to gorgeous not to share..)


  1. Lavender Footprints Photo says:

    Beautiful! When Reid gets older, I would love to do something like this every year. PS – is that the Uni-Bomber standing behind the crew in that last photo?!

  2. photogirl says:

    Thanks Nik–it was gorgeous. (this place is so charming–you should def bring Reid…they have animals on the premise to pet, hot cocoa in the barn and hayrides…its too cute.) Um, yeah, not sure about the guy in the back taking my place! (funny part..I did not even notice him until I got home and he is in multiple shots!)

  3. Lavender Footprints Photo says:

    HaHa, he's like the couple who busted into the White House!! What's the name of the place? Where is it located?

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