Springfield Dairy Barn is Beautiful! (and so is the Holifield Family)

If you have never seen the ‘Springfield Dairy Barn’ in Fort Mill, SC (I had not) it is gorgeous!  Lots of horses out for a stroll, beautiful old buildings, winding pathways and just a hint of fog/mist in the AM.  I was lucky enough to spend a few hours with the Holifield Fmaily who had recenlty moved to Ft. Mill from TX–and though MICHIGAN fans (I will not remind them of the score that played out later that day:-) They were such a joy to meet.  Their eldest had such a little mind of her own (as seen in several shots where she wants to be off on her own) and baby girl–a hilarious ‘crinkley’ smile when giggling.  Thank you so much Holifield’s!  Hope to see you again at baby girls 1-year mark!


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