"Little Letters"–Dear Holiday Season…

December 1? Can you believe it? Even with the passing of Turkey Day in glorious Domican style…I can not! (Big thank to Thania for hosting both us and our bread-stealing children-with-fur and for a fabulous Thanksgiving Day dinner (even sans cranberry sauce–which I might add…I do not eat anyway so it was certainly not missed.:-) and Simon http://www.simonalcantara.wordpress.com/ and Tito for their mad, Dominican cooking skills!)

That said, December is BY FAR my favorite month of the year and I am madly in love with all things holiday. So in the spirit of one of my favorite bloggers–Miss Naomi from ‘Rockstar Diaries http://taza-and-husband.blogspot.com/2009/11/little-letters.html –here is my version of “little letters…”

Dear Holiday Season–though you have snuck up on me yet again…I am so ready for your ‘twinkle’

Dear ‘Tree Trekkers’ (my charming friends with whom we have celebrated the season in the mountains of NC for the past 3 years and have created our own tradition) –Only 3 more days until we ‘meet again’ to create yet more fabulous (though sometime wine-hazy) memories of amazing dinners, beautiful Christmas trees (we cut or own!) big breakfast and lots and lots of laughter. I adore you people!

Speaking of…

Dear Christmas Tree–I know you are waiting for us. (This year-you will in fact be over 8ft once home (not just appear so on the lot..) and will not need to be ‘jury rigged’ to appear grand–you will be!) and you will twinkle, sparkle and shine all the way through the first week in January!

Dear NYC!–We are heading your way for my first visit ever during my favorite time of year. Save a little shimmer for me, will ya? –Can’t wait!

Dear Camera–get ready…you will be along for the magical ride! (dear extra batteries..remind me to find and charge you…)

Dear Rox–(our newly adopted child-with-fur) welcome to our little family and your first Christmas of being s-p-o-i-l-e-d…and please try and refrain from eating every decoration on the tree. Ask Sam, you will get plenty of treats so you will not need to crunch on ours.

Dear Family–though sometimes grateful for our distance in miles when your flair for the mellow dramatic comes to the surface (hahah) –we are looking forward to being home for Christmas and when we leave…I am certain we will say as always “it would be nice to live closer” (we especially enjoy spoiling the children-without-fur know as Neicey and the Nephews…)

Dear “Cabana Boy”- can you believe this is our 4th Christmas? My how time flies when you are having fun.

Dear Snow–you know I typically find you to be quite, quite miserable. (Sorry for the slight…its not personal really…just the long history of OHIO-gray-and-cold) But from Dec 23-Jan. 1…I would love to have you visit! (Especially while we are in the mountains and NYC–the photo opps in my head are astounding!)

Dear January 1 2010–though looking forward to what 10′ has in store…take your sweet time in getting here…  And December?  You should stay in the slow lane!

Whatever is beautiful
Whatever is meaningful
Whatever brings you happiness
May it be yours this holiday season and througout the year

XOXO to you and yours-Photogirl

Photo  – – Snow on Central Park

By Pamela Skillings, About.com Guide


  1. anna driscoll says:

    I love this and I adore you. Can't wait to see you tomorrow…here's to a snowy and wine-filled tree trek weekend '09!

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